Developing Your People

At the heart of successful strategy execution is the ability to best grow and retain your talent. If it’s important to enhance the performance of your organization, then it’s critical to focus on the performance of your people, as they are your biggest asset. Our LEAD4 Model has 4 elements that are critical to help you with successful employee performance. Explore our model below with links to helpful tools and success stories.

ALIGN your people with your organizational performance

To ensure that your people development strategy and/or activities have the right focus, it is critical that they:

  • Align to the priorities of your organization
  • Focus on critical behaviors for success across jobs/roles
  • Enable your people to navigate career paths
  • Align to the organizational and learning culture


>> Career Guide: This is a sample guide for career planning, growth, and development.

>> Individual Development Plan: An example of a tool to help employees reach long and short-term career goals and improve current job performance.

Success Stories

LEARN the right skills to grow and enhance employee performance

To engage your workforce and achieve real behavior change, your learning strategy should include:

  • Programs that offer a blend of delivery options
  • Bite-sized bursts of learning accessible real-time
  • Workshops for hands-on applications
  • eBooks and other informational resources to build targeted knowledge


>> eLearning Tool: Whiteboard animation uses innovative technology to show the learner an idea or concept through a series of live drawings. This video is a great example of whiteboard animation.

>> Interactive Process Map: The Springboard team developed this interactive one stop resource for Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) candidates to explore the steps to obtaining their CPLP certification.

Success Stories

DEVELOP people to improve organizational process

To foster growth and development of your people, offer opportunities for them to:

  • Receive individual coaching
  • Join communities
  • Engage in on-the-job experiences
  • Learn just-in-time from online resources
  • Connect with mentors


>> Coaching Worksheet: Are you interested in experiencing coaching first hand? Complete this form for a complimentary coaching session.

>> The Magic of Mentoring: This article discusses the difference between mentoring and coaching, mentoring myths and do’s and don’ts, and an approach and tips for forming the foundation of an effective mentorship.

Success Stories

EVALUATE the success of your people

To assess the effectiveness of your people, it’s important to analyze and consider the:

  • Feedback that your people are receiving on their performance
  • Loyalty that your customers exhibit
  • Level of employee engagement
  • Achievement of certifications or other credentials


>> Sample Team Assessment: A team assessment tool can identify areas where teams and individual contributions are excelling and where adjustments for further improvement can be made. Look at this example that we developed for a client.

>> Sample Post-Program Survey: It is important to measure the success and impact of your learning/training programs against key metrics. This sample post-program survey provides some ideas for evaluating satisfaction and learning and adoption. Once you’ve measured those fundamental elements, you can then evaluate the impact of your learning programs on individual performance, employee engagement, overall organizational performance, the achievement of certifications, and the impact on your customers.

Success Stories