Welcome to Springboard International Inc.

We serve as catalysts to develop people, process, and strategy across organizations. How do we do this? Through careful listening and probing questions, we understand our clients’ challenges, perspectives, and expectations. We collaborate with our clients to create clarity around desired outcomes, and then tenaciously work to achieve their objectives. Ultimately, our clients feel empowered by our work and we have a positive, long-term impact that helps our clients be more successful.

Welcome to Springboard International Inc.

How do you successfully manage organizational change?

Learn how your organization can reach its full potential and successfully create long-term sustainable change through active engagement and purposeful communication.

How do you successfully manage organizational change?

Your Success Matters.

See how the team of Springboard Facilitators can take you Where You Want to Go. Discover solutions to those nagging business problems that might be preventing you from getting to your desired outcomes.

Your Success Matters.

How does board engagement drive non-profit organizational success?

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How does board engagement drive non-profit organizational success?

What are you interested in?

We strive to provide valuable information that can guide you to achieving your desired outcomes. Check out the many free resources that we offer to our community.

What are you interested in?

What Our Clients Say

“For me, today’s webinar was the most fruitful one yet. My supervisory team and I sat for a while after the session just discussing content and ideas, and we shared with each other the “one thing” we’re going to do. On a personal basis, I’ve really been trying to work on the area of personal accountability, and the session reminded me just how important/foundational that is. Loved the Gandhi quote. Good stuff!”

– webinar attendee

“Springboard’s work with our group was exceptional, particularly considering the situation in which we found ourselves. The facilitator was able to guide the group through the strategy development process during a time when the group members didn’t really have the time to do so, and where I don’t think more than 20% of the meetings (if that many) consisted of the entire group.  She adapted processes and plans to meet the needs of the group and individual members.  I would recommend Springboard to any organization facing a similar set of circumstances and would advocate to have our organization continue using the services.”

– Springboard strategic planning client

“I realized last week that I’m already starting to live my goals and this was a really exciting revelation for me.  It proves the point that if you are talking about them you are starting to live them.”

– Springboard coaching client

“You did a great job of managing the various personalities and strengths of the group and keeping meetings productive.”

– Andrew Foose, CEO, Brightline Compliance

“[The Springboard facilitator provided] a very effective style of dynamic leadership as a facilitator that stimulates discussion and keeps the agenda on track.”

– Susan Jurow, NACUBO's Senior Vice President of Professional Development and Communications

“I can’t thank you enough for all your help.  It’s only been a few weeks but I feel like I am being pushed in the right direction and am thinking about how to sell again (which I have needed).  Thank you!”

– Springboard coaching client

“Thanks for your role in helping us develop a combined plan for our projects.  Springboard is a delight to work with and we enjoy your no-nonsense approach that keeps us on track and on time.”

– Jim Isch, NCAA Senior Vice President of Administration and CFO

“Thanks for the great webinar! Several of the attendees took your framework for questioning and used it in front of a few decision makers. From an outsider’s view I could tell that they had developed a new level of confidence because of the content.”

– webinar attendee

“The session was interactive and helped underlie the problems within our organization. The session helped forge a path forward into being a more-effective organization. It was good to hear that other colleagues were having similar issues and were interested in similar solutions.” Participant, workshop with sustainability committee chairs within an organization

– Participant, workshop with sustainability committee chairs within an organization

“I will admit in the beginning of the week I was not confident that we were going to achieve our charge, and I truly experienced frustration. However, [the Springboard facilitators] remained open-minded and listened to our needs as a department. I was amazed at the collaboration and the final product.”

– Participant, process improvement team

“Great program! Really good tips and ideas; very helpful. Grateful and appreciative to have it.”

– Participant, Customer Loyalty program

“I consider the work we did with the Springboard team to develop our career planning initiative for our employees to be one of the big wins last year. It has been very well received.”

– Shelli Arnold, COO, Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC)

“The old adage that improving as a leader is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration is so true. I am a better leader now because I was invested in looking at how I operate and what I do every day. More importantly, though, I am a better leader because my Springboard coach challenged me to reflect on how I work, and to make changes – DO things differently. As a result of my hard work, my team tells me that I communicate better, that they are more challenged every day, and that I inspire them to do their best work.”

– Springboard coaching client

“How incredible the retreat was [that Springboard facilitated for us]! I know this brief time away with our executive team is going to have great impact on the Foundation. We’re already working better together as a unit, but, the honeymoon isn’t over yet. :-) It will be up to us to keep the good mojo going and really lead by example. I heard someone in the hall say they could tell the retreat went well, that there was a very positive vibe about us today. Thank you for all your work, for your patience with us, and for making this limited time together so very productive.”

– Angel Dean Collins, Director, National Park Foundation

“Thanks so much for all the work you have done for our team. This last retreat went really well. The plan that you laid out was just what we needed. Everyone left the day feeling proud of their accomplishments and the discussion around what we want to do for next year was just awesome. We are working so much smarter and really accomplishing so much more since we started down this road a year and a half ago. I came into a situation here where folks were really not working well together. We still have some room to grow, but the work environment is much better. Thanks again!”

– Paul W. Stansbery, Director of Student Services, McLean High School

“The positive responses from the evaluations were an excellent indication of how important your topic was…Your presentation received a 4.77 rating out of a 5.00 maximum. This is outstanding! …Excellent workshop with practical applications. Interaction with the audience kept us involved and interested. Valuable advice.”

– Cindy Ross, Administrative Assistant, Boys Probation House - Administrative Resource Team, Fairfax County Government

“[Springboard International offers] a partner relationship versus a vendor relationship. [Their] level of attentiveness to client needs is higher than most – they have a clear dedication to the client and service. We now have a comprehensive and updated program that is integrated across three delivery types… When the products launch, we expect improved customer satisfaction, improved outcomes, and increased product sales and revenue.”

– Jennifer and Linda, project team leaders, ASTD CPLP project

“Thank you for yesterday’s retreat. What an awesome facilitator! Everyone participated, and I learned a lot from the small group as well as the entire conversation. Several meetings are “time wasters.” I would participate in yesterday’s activities all over again – my time was very well spent.”

– Meeting participant, local non-profit organization