Hologic: Sales Training Measurement


Hologic, Inc. is a global healthcare and diagnostics company headquartered in Massachusetts. Hologic develops, manufactures, and supplies diagnostic products, medical imaging systems, and surgical products. The Learning and Development Team is responsible for providing development, coaching, and performance support to over 700 sales and service employees.


Hologic wanted to ensure that their learning and development efforts were making a difference in their employees’ performance and improving key business metrics for the organization. Although they’d been hearing that these programs were helpful from the employees who took them, Hologic needed a more formal way of tracking and measuring their effect on the participants. The Springboard team was asked to partner with Hologic to construct a system for measuring both the immediate and long-term impact of these development programs on employee performance, and which could then be repurposed and used throughout the organization.


The first step in the development of this measurement system was a brainstorming session, facilitated by the Springboard team, to present and discuss a wide range of learning measurement models. The participants of this session worked together to decide which model would work best for Hologic, and what this measurement system should look like moving forward. The Springboard team then developed a learning measurement strategy which included specific measurement approaches following each training program and 60- and 90-day follow-up approaches to confirm that the learning was applied on the job. The learning strategy included examples of learning measurement tools, implementation recommendations, and specific ways to measure the learning.


The result is a learning strategy that can eventually be used to measure the success of development programs across the organization. The Senior Director of Learning and Development says, “We really needed a partner that would help create that standard and framework… What we walk away with now is a formalized measurement strategy that we can use both within my team and honestly, globally from a learning and development standpoint. A framework that we can all build off of [that] drives consistency and standardization, [and] elevates how learning is viewed so we can evaluate our learning success (or lack thereof).” He added about working with the Springboard team that “[we] are extremely competent, thoughtful, and insightful. You ask a tremendous amount of questions. We initially thought it slowed the process and we were slightly frustrated at the beginning; but in the end, it was how we were able to get the deliverables exactly where we wanted them. You took the time to really get to know us and give us exactly what we needed.”