American Statistical Association: Executive Coaching

The long-tenured Executive Director of the American Statistical Association (ASA) recognized that although he had been in the position for over 10 years, he would serve the organization even better by continuing to develop his skills and growing as a leader. The Executive Director worked with the Board to identify an executive coach who, in his own words, would “allow me to take stock of my current work and prepare to do a better job going forward.”

Over a 12-month engagement, the Springboard team took this Executive Director through a series of steps that helped him to gain clarity around what was important to him as a leader and where his strengths lay, as well as what areas he wanted to place more focus on developing further.

Based on the discoveries that he made through directed self-analysis, the Executive Director was able to set specific goals around the things that he wanted to work on. These goals allowed him to immediately put what he learned into practice within ASA.