Why Springboard?

Why Springboard?

We bring a persistent curiosity and an eye for detail to every engagement. We are a bold, passionate, and go-to resource for our clients, going the extra mile to create real results. We are the catalyst for fundamental change and we celebrate success.

>> Over 135 years of combined experience
>> Over 3000 facilitations and counting
>> Extensive detailed success stories
>> Tools for client success

Our Mission

Springboard partners with our clients to develop people, process,
and strategy, driving action and sustainable results.

Our Approach

Step 1

We Listen First

Through careful listening and probing questions, we help to clarify our clients’ challenges, perspectives, and expectations. We don’t arrive with assumptions, rather we ask the right questions, listen, and engage in conversation prior to making any recommendations for solutions. This collaboration begins with our first meeting or phone call.

Step 2

We Recommend a Solution

We create a concise proposal based on our conversation, that maps our solutions to your challenges. We do not believe one size fits all; each proposal is customized to fit your unique desired outcomes. And, we will assign the right person or team to your project. Our extensive group of experienced professionals sets us apart from others in our industry.

Step 3

We Get To Work

We catalyze your success by collaboratively establishing timelines and deliverables, providing relevant tools and methodologies, and facilitating constructive discussion and actionable decision-making by ensuring everyone’s voice is heard – all while driving toward quick progress and allowing you the time and space to focus strategically.

Step 4

We Make An Impact

We are persistent and purposeful, working closely with our clients to tenaciously ensure that we meet their desired outcomes. At the end of every project, we have a candid conversation with the stakeholders to evaluate our work together and learn from our shared experiences.

Step 5
We extend your internal team

Our neutral and focused perspective helps you get to the resolution you need to see a positive ROI. We stay engaged long after a project has ended to maximize collaborative results; and we place great value on fostering a long-term relationship with each and every client.

Our Vision

Filling our world with the highest-performing leaders and teams.

Company Profile + Team

Springboard International reaches over 30 US cities and 5 countries.
Our core and extended team members are located in 12 states throughout the US
and are capable of working anywhere in the world.


Amy Carr

Senior Associate

Amy partners with organizations to develop their people by architecting learning and performance solutions to drive results.

Amy Says…

  • My favorite place to travel is either to European countries like the Netherlands or to the home where I grew up with my family in western New York.
  • My personal mission statement is to help others be successful and/or happy every day.
  • The first job I ever had was selling old fashioned candy at the county fair.
  • I’m an Ithaca College alum with a Bachelors in Corporate Communication along with a Masters in Instructional Systems from Penn State.

Bill Yoder

Senior Associate

Bill guides contentious groups through collaborative and pragmatic decision making and planning processes that reconcile conflicting perspectives and formulate win-win solutions to complex problems.

Bill Says…

  • My personal mission statement is: I help leaders and teams become what they wish they were.
  • My favorite quote is: “I only know that I know nothing.” – Socrates…Technically a misquote, but my favorite acknowledgement of the importance of continuous learning.
  • What people like best about me is my contagious enthusiasm and friendliness.
  • I graduated from Colby College, got Masters degrees from George Washington and Catholic Universities, and did graduate work in OD/Change Management at Georgetown.

Charlene Philips

Office Manager

Charlene provides the critical internal support needed in our infrastructure to allow the rest of the team to focus on what they do best.

Charlene Says…

  • My first job was at a roadside fruit market when I was 14.
  • If I had a super power it would be able to read ten times faster than normal.
  • My favorite quote is: “Leadership is to be in the wrong place at the right time.”
  • I graduated with a BA in History from Moravian College (which is the fifth oldest higher education institute in the United States).

Emma Powers

Senior Associate

Emma excels at gathering information from disparate sources and turning what once was a jumble of unconnected ideas into a cohesive narrative that is easy to follow and understand.

Emma Says…

  • My favorite place to travel is anywhere with mountains.
  • If I couldn’t do the work I do now, I would join the research department for a science or storytelling podcast.
  • A perfect weekend for me would be backpacking somewhere beautiful with good weather.
  • I earned a Bachelor of Arts in cognitive science from the University of Virginia, with an unofficial minor in creative writing.

Katie Olbrich

Vice President of Operations

Katie has a unique ability to organize projects, balance details and big-picture outcomes, and build solutions towards operational excellence.

Katie Says…

  • If I couldn’t do the work I do now, I would be a high school economics teacher and field hockey coach.
  • My favorite quote is from Mother Teresa: “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”
  • My purpose in life is to continuously and purposefully improve myself and the world around me so that there is an abundance of happiness.
  • I’m a proud Tiger with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and minor in Accounting from Clemson University.

Natalie Critchley

Business Development Associate

Natalie cultivates relationships and engages in meaningful conversations to connect with people and learn more about how we can help them move their organization forward.

Natalie Says…

  • My favorite word is “travel” because it opens your heart and your mind.
  • What people like best about me is my loyalty to our friendship.
  • My favorite quote is: “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
  • I’m a proud Lady Bear with a BA in Education from Lenoir-Rhyne University.

Robyn Rickenbach


Robyn is an innovative, strategic thinker with proven success in executing critical business objectives, making teams successful, and facilitating collaborative decision making and planning.

Robyn Says…

  • When I founded Springboard in 2007, we added the “International” because I love to travel as much as I can. It started as an aspiration; then became a reality.
  • The first job I ever had was babysitting five kids in my backyard over the summer. Early team building!
  • My favorite quote is: “There is no limit to what we can do if we do not mind who gets the credit.”
  • I’m a liberal arts graduate from The College of William and Mary, with an MBA from Golden Gate University.

Scot Case

Senior Associate

Scot empowers organizations to develop and execute winning strategies and successful solutions for complex global challenges while meeting the unique needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Scot Says…

  • My favorite place to travel is anywhere I’ve never been. My passport is full, but there is still so much more to see.
  • My favorite word is sustainability because everyone wants it but everyone has different understandings of what it means.
  • A perfect weekend for me would be completely unscheduled.
  • I loved Virginia Tech so much that I stayed for an extra two years to pick up a Master’s Degree focused on sustainability.

Tom Pickett

Senior Associate

Tom helps clients turn goals into reality, inspiring innovative solutions through his in-depth understanding of leadership development and customer and employee concerns.

Tom Says…

  • My personal motto is: My clients will discover where they are today, where they want to be tomorrow, and an executable path to get there, without being told.
  • If I couldn’t do the work I do now, I would be a starter at a golf course. I love to give other golfers a hard time!
  • What people like best about me is that I listen and I am patient.
  • I am as far away from the academic world as I can get. My experience and work with clients is in the “real world,” side by side in the trenches.

Our Values

>> Empathetic: We approach every client’s business as if it were our own; we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes;
we go the extra mile

>> Persistently Curious: We are a resource with an eye for detail and uncovering hidden needs; we are great listeners

>> Engaged: We create real results; we are passionate about client projects and collaborative relationships; we are partners in success; we are responsive

>> Candid: We are diligent and honest with our clients; we are crystal clear in what we say, what we do, and why we do it

Strategic Partners

Springboard International brings the right resources to the table to ensure that you meet your desired outcomes. We often tap into our extended team to broaden our ability to provide exceptional services to our clients and extend our core capabilities. The following partners bring their unique strengths to our client engagements.