NVR, Inc.: Targeted Coaching for a High-Potential Manager

NVR, Inc. approached the SBI team to provide targeted coaching support to selected high-potential managers at the company. These managers sit below the profit center VP level and need to build effective leadership skills to be ready to be Division managers (who are typically responsible for up to $1 million in business). The company wanted to provide these high-potential employees with the space to be reflective and introspective, an opportunity to learn how their behaviors are impacting their jobs, the ability to get outside of their mindset and shift their paradigms, and the tools to “get out of their box” and behave differently.

We provided a targeted and tailored coaching engagement for one high-potential employee which included a kick-off session with the employee and his manager to establish desired outcomes and expectations for the coaching engagement, five 90-minute coaching calls to address the critical topics identified during the kick-off, and a couple of shorter coaching calls with a focus on accountability to established goals and addressing a specific issue that he brought to the table. He then scheduled a meeting with the most senior people in the company as a self-directed capstone project.

This manager’s boss reported several observable behavior changes, including him being “less robotic and much more self-aware. He starts his day off differently by talking with everyone on the floor and he has loosened up a bit. He was praised by the head admin person during a staff meeting for being more social.”