American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA): Partnering on Online Learning Design, Course Conversion, and Educational Programming Alignment

AIHA offers a dynamic set of professional development opportunities to its members, including eLearning, certificate programs, face-to-face training, and learning publications. They maintain a complex competency model and several bodies of knowledge for the profession. Our team has worked with AIHA over several projects to design eLearning, convert existing video programming into an online format, and align their competency model to their educational programming.

  • First, we were approached by AIHA because they were out of time and internal resources to complete the design of a specific educational program that needed to be done by year’s end. We developed the eLearning storyboards for five hours of total learner time across eight modules so they could meet their deadline.
  • Next, we partnered with the AIHA team to convert an existing 10-hour video conference program into an online format, including splicing and compressing the video files, writing and integrating knowledge check questions, and building the modules into the new online course in AIHA’s chosen authoring tool.
  • Finally, the SBI team worked with AIHA to identify key skills that industrial hygiene professionals need for success in the workplace. We reviewed their existing data, conducted interviews with their SMEs, and conducted a survey with 6,000+ members to pinpoint the priority skills for their profession. This data will be used to build a roadmap of content that directly supports AIHA members’ educational needs in the future.

The eLearning Program Director commented that “having a fresh perspective on what the look and feel could be and having somebody give you a different way of looking at how it can be done was very helpful.” She commended our team’s flexibility and collaborative style. The Managing Director of Education and Technical Initiatives reports, “Because of our partnership with SBI, we have access to instructional designers and top-notch learning professionals who extend our internal team and can help us complete projects that we can’t do internally—on time and always on budget. Their work is exceptional and can be seamlessly integrated into our internal work.”