The Washington Center (TWC): Conducting Landscape Analysis and Facilitating Strategic Thinking

TWC is a 45-year old, very well-respected organization that provides immersive academic internships and other career-focused programs for college students. They have wide and deep relationships with Congressional offices from all over the U.S., and critical partnerships with other federal agencies, with DC-based non-profit organizations, and with universities and international organizations that support academic experiences.

They engaged the SBI team in a strategic board retreat to identify critical paths for future success. That retreat allowed the board to consider the strengths and challenges of the organization, brainstorm potential ideas for future growth, and ultimately to prioritize eight specific initiatives that will be the key to The Washington Center’s future. The board for TWC includes four leaders of federal agencies, a former U.S. Congressman, a university President (emeritus), and several industry CEOs.

As a direct result of the priorities that came from that board retreat, SBI then worked with TWC to conduct a landscape analysis – including 25 interviews with key stakeholders, eight listening sessions, supporting the staff’s work to benchmark the Center against other organizations, and ultimately to prepare recommendations for how TWC can position itself in the marketplace for success. The findings from the landscape analysis are being used to make transformational changes for this well-respected organization that needed to think “outside their box.”