Eurasia Foundation: Executive Team Development

Eurasia Foundation (EF) provides programs and funding to build leadership skills and help small businesses, local government, and civic organizations, to ultimately promote civic and economic prosperity across the world. The Springboard team was asked to support the senior leadership as they considered how best to drive toward a new future for the organization. Over a series of half-day retreats, we designed team sessions around communications, understanding work styles, delegating and time management, effective meeting management, and other topics that allowed the senior leadership team to grow together and work more efficiently. As a result of these sessions, the following outcomes were achieved:

  • Re-oriented staff and organizational structure to better address the work that EF does
  • Successful rollout of new orientation without any negative blowback from the staff
  • Increased accountability and commitment amongst executive team
  • Newfound focus on collective results amongst executive team, as opposed to a focus on individual work and silos
  • Deepened personal relationships, work more effectively together, and interact more collaboratively
  • Created an effective and productive structure for weekly executive team meetings

One participant said, “The way we work has changed significantly… [I credit this to] the relationship that we have with our coach/facilitator. He is so thoughtful and he listens. When you have coaching calls, he lets you unload, but then he comes around to ‘here’s how we can address that,’ or ‘here’s a tactic you can employ.’ People feel comfortable with [Springboard]. The workshops were structured in a way that they can be intensive but you don’t feel overwhelmed or rushed through the materials. You have time to digest and think.”