Mountain View Alternative Learning Center: Student Personal Leadership Development

The Mountain View Alternative Learning Center (ALC) is a Fairfax County Public Schools program designed to provide continued educational opportunities for students who have been involved in serious disciplinary incidents, or who have been placed by their parents as a result of an escalating pattern of academic and behavioral difficulty. The Springboard team worked with the ALC using a self-directed life development process that prepares students for a future of success and excellence. The primary short-term goal for these students was to gain entry back into their base high school, take accountability for their choices, and begin a life-long journey of self-leadership.

Over a three-year period, over 90% of the participants were admitted back into their base school and continued toward their high school graduation. The Springboard facilitator was able to support the ALC mission of encouraging and promoting student development of behavioral, academic, and social skills in order to be more productive and educated members of their family, community, and society.