Successfully Managing Organizational Change

We live in exciting times. Ideas that seemed impossible just a few decades ago are now a reality. Today, all sorts of things drive our need for change; and for many organizations today, change IS the constant that is being experienced. When you have active engagement and purposeful communication, your organization can reach its full potential and successfully create long-term, sustainable change.

Top 10 Tips for Successfully Managing Organizational Change

Tip #1: Start at the top – Ensure that you have the right leadership behind the organizational change

Tip #2: Allow a minimum of three to six months to plan for successful change

Tip #3: Conduct stakeholder interviews to understand how everyone is impacted by the change

Tip #4: Create a well-defined stakeholder engagement plan

Tip #5: Coopt your strongest champions and address the concerns of the worst detractors

Tip #6: Articulate the vision and purpose for the change

Tip #7: Ensure that each person has a clear WIIFM

Tip #8: Engage your virtual employees or teams

Tip #9: Allocate sufficient resources (people and financial) to make change happen

Tip #10: Align this change to the overall vision and objectives of the organization