Talent Management Initiatives

An organization’s human capital may very well be its most significant differentiator in the marketplace. As a result, managing and supporting talent becomes a critical activity in ensuring that an organization’s workforce is both motivated and highly successful. This also contributes to the long-term sustainability of the organization.

The Springboard team collaborates closely with our clients to ensure their talent management programs are influencing employee engagement and driving overall performance. We do this by zeroing in on key discovery activities that help us understand an organization’s strategy and the key areas of importance for both leadership and employees. Our laser focus on upfront analysis gives us perspective on the landscape of talent management within an organization and identifies critical measurements for success.

That focus allows us to then offer thoughtful solutions around:

  • career planning and development
  • performance management
  • rewards and recognition
  • communication strategy
  • organizational culture

Research shows that strategic and integrated talent management practices are linked to increased shareholder value, as referenced in the Harvard Business School Press’s publication The Human Equation (Pfeffer, 1998). At Springboard we also recognize that deploying top talent enables an organization to achieve its strategic objectives. So, whether our team is analyzing an organization’s performance management strategies, building career development guides/tools, or offering solutions to recognize top employee performance, we are always careful to align structures and programs to an organization’s objectives.

Challenging the status quo to find better ways to approach talent management is in our DNA at Springboard and this drives our partnership for success with our clients.

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