Strategic Planning

Strategic PlanningBusinesses today move at the speed of light, and often face competing priorities and changing environments. The discipline of sitting down, evaluating the critical success factors for your business, and determining a high-level strategy and game plan for success is not an easy thing to do. Springboard’s focus on Strategic Planning provides a unique opportunity for your executive management team – or just you – to take a careful look at your business and what it will take to move to the next level.

Effective strategic planning requires you to determine what the future of your business will look like, what resources will be required to ensure success, and how to define new business opportunities and wins. This process starts with developing specific strategies for success, converting those strategies into business plans, and then establishing measurable and achievable goals. It includes a review or definition of the business philosophy, a vision statement, values and mission, critical goals, a market and sales plan, and implementation steps. We also use the proven S.L.O.T. analysis process to facilitate the discussion and planning.

Why consider embarking on a Strategic Planning process? What if this process could lead your business to:

  • Increased market share and client acquisition
  • Greater employee motivation and contributions to success
  • Success defined and teams focused on success
  • Stronger customer service and retention of customers
  • United sense of purpose throughout your organization
  • Managers who care about your business just like you do

In many cases elements of the leadership and coaching processes may also be incorporated in order to meet your goals.

Are you ready to talk about how we can help you get there?

Would you like to learn more about strategic planning? Download our white paper, “Where on Your Bookcase is Your Organization’s Strategic Plan Sleeping? Lessons Learned and Best Practices in Strategic Planning.”