Youth Leadership

Rising Stars Youth Leadership ProgramIf you are reading this, you are most likely a parent of a high school student or graduate. Or perhaps you have a young person in your life who you care about and for whom you worry and wish the best. Or, perhaps you lead a group of young people and are looking for a structured process to increase their life skills and confidence.

Graduating from high school in this day and age is quite a rite of passage, and our kids today need to be prepared to go into the competitive world and be successful. The Rising Stars Youth Leadership process is designed for the upcoming or recent high school graduate who needs to build independence, confidence, and the ability to make good decisions. The action-packed process focuses on the young people themselves: their goals, their inner thoughts, their sense of self, and their decision-making. The purpose of the Rising Stars process is to enable the young participants to take control of their own self-leadership, to empower them to become positive contributors to their communities, and to help them define success and set goals to achieve that success.

Several critical issues are covered in the Rising Stars process:

  • Developing personal leadership
  • Keys to a positive self-image
  • The power of attitude
  • Goal setting for success and establishing priorities
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Leading and communicating with others
  • Making decisions and solving problems

Are you ready to talk about how we can help you get there?