Custom Learning Solutions

Custom Learning Solutions: Design and Development ProcessLearning is all around us – we learn every day by interacting with others, carrying out decisions, reading new information, receiving feedback and, of course, attending learning events.

At Springboard, we look for ways to think creatively and employ a holistic approach that considers these different ways of learning – we integrate both formal and informal elements into the learning programs we design.

As experienced instructional design professionals, we select learning strategies, methods, and technologies to best meet our client’s needs and environment.

Whether building curriculum maps, developing new learning solutions, enhancing existing programs or even conducting an instructional “audit” for an organization, our team pays careful attention to the business drivers and the organization’s learning strategy. We will employ a structured methodology beginning with front-end analysis to identify learning objectives, design a “blueprint” for the program, and then build a blend of self-directed and scheduled activities to take the learner through a powerful learning experience. As part of rolling out learning solutions, our skilled facilitators are available to guide learners through online or classroom training, as appropriate.

As a result of our structured approach to the design and development of learning solutions, you can expect:

  • Improved skill development from learning programs that target critical learning and performance outcomes
  • Increased satisfaction from learners moving through a variety of formal and informal learning activities that accommodate their many learning styles
  • Increased buy-in from sponsors and stakeholders who will be involved at critical touch points in the design and development process

Based on the metrics that we identify for a particular learning solution, we partner with our clients to select the best quantitative and qualitative techniques to measure success.


“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.”

- Peter Senge,The Fifth Discipline

Gaining new knowledge, new skills, and new experiences should be enjoyable and engaging. And successful learning translates to improved productivity and satisfaction which ultimately translates to a successful workforce. That is our aim at Springboard – architecting learning solutions that matter.

Can we help design your next learning program?