Competency Modeling

Over the past two decades, we have observed first-hand how clearly defined competencies positively impact organizations. By defining competencies and critical skills in various job roles, employees have clarity around specific expectations for their performance. Competency models also help leaders and managers in selecting, developing and ultimately retaining their people.

Our Springboard team approaches the development of competencies as a combination of art and science. We start with the end in mind, partnering with our clients to determine the intended use for the competencies and then select a framework – from simple to robust – that best supports the need.

Our framework development process always begins with the same step – identifying key strategic needs of the organization and linking those needs to the performance of the workforce. That becomes the foundation for all of the work that follows to help define superior performance. In other words, what are the behaviors that distinguish average performers from top performers? What exactly are they doing that sets them apart? Through careful selection of analysis techniques, we move through a discovery process that will reveal those key behaviors for success within the organization.

Once the framework is architected, we support our clients in the implementation and socialization of the competencies in their organization. That may include:

  • conducting assessments to pinpoint competency or skill gaps
  • building curriculum to drive competency development
  • reframing or strengthening existing competencies within the organization
  • integrating the competencies into performance management systems
  • developing career planning tools that include competencies
  • weaving the competencies and behaviors into job descriptions

When organizations select, develop, reward, and promote employees based on a clear set of competencies, it reinforces the strategic importance of the competencies and drives to desired employee behaviors. By partnering with our clients to define competencies that are mission critical for success in a role or function, we help lay a strong foundation for consistent, high performance for that organization.

Do you have a question or need help creating or enhancing a competency framework for your organization?