Professional athletes have coaches. Promising young people use coaches to improve their game. Musicians use voice coaches to fine tune their natural talent. Why don’t we think about using a coach to launch our personal and/or professional lives to the next level?

Talent Management magazine states, “The role of the leader today – even more so tomorrow – is to master speed, turbulence and complexity … Without a flexible, self-aware operating system, the leader is able to manage only limited complexity, speed, and change.” Whether you are a seasoned professional or just getting started, a young person just out of high school, or simply an individual with dreams and goals, coaching can provide the accountability, focus, and direction to move your life where you want it to go.

Coaching can provide you with:

  • Focused attention to your own strengths and dreams
  • The ability to articulate what is important to you – and a roadmap to get there
  • A set of written, specific, and attainable goals
  • An understanding of what balance means to you – and how to keep your work life and your personal life in balance
  • An accountability partner who makes sure you do what you say you will
  • Increased interpersonal and communications skills, and the ability to work in teams more successfully
  • Weekly check points to provide feedback, focus on goals, and next steps

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The Springboard International focus to coaching is unique in that it follows an action-oriented, proven process. We combine thoughtful discussions with self-directed activities and a structured goal-setting process to ensure meaningful change.

“The role of the leader today – even more so tomorrow –
is to master speed, turbulence, and complexity.”

Successful business people have found that using a business coach to help them focus on their own success and the success of their business can create huge leaps in productivity, confidence, and the ability to interact with others. Young people have found that using a coach gives them a safe haven for honest dialogue, increased people skills, and focused direction to their lives.

We have found that coaching can often complement and reinforce team building and leadership development processes, sales effectiveness initiatives, and Youth Leadership programs.

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