Building Leadership and Teams

When we talk about leadership, we really mean personal leadership (helping myself be successful), team building (how can I contribute to the success of my team), and organizational leadership (when I’m in charge of a group or organization). A leader truly creates his or her own future and drives the future success of the team or organization.

Whether you are an executive leader, a team leader or member, or you want to exercise personal leadership in your own life, our approach gives you a proven, action-oriented path to success. We focus on three essential elements: understanding your own attitudes and their impact on your world, understanding and using interpersonal skills, and goal setting to provide direction and focus.

As a result of the Springboard International leadership and team building process, you can expect measurable results including:

  • Defined strategies, focus, and direction
  • Increased market share, profitability, revenue, and other key measures
  • Strengthened focus on attracting and keeping customers
  • Greater employee contributions to results
  • Results-oriented attitudes
  • Cohesive, energized teams
  • Vision for personal decision making, purpose, and goals

Are you ready to talk about how we can help you get there?

When appropriate within an organization, our D.I.AL.O.G. organizational assessment may also provide a baseline for how critical elements are working together within your organization to achieve business and strategic goals. The D.I.AL.O.G. assessment looks at the seven critical areas used in the Baldrige National Quality Program. It can also evaluate your organization’s sustainability initiative.

Ask us also about the Attribute Index: a personal assessment tool that provides critical information about how a person makes decisions. Over 50 years of research has identified three distinct styles of decision making, and those styles affect how we perceive the world around us, how we communicate, and how we harness our individual strengths and weaknesses. The Attribute Index results can be leveraged to make better decisions, maximize strengths, and achieve greater success organizationally and personally.

In many cases elements of the sales effectiveness, strategic planning, and coaching processes may also be incorporated in order to meet your goals.

Can we help you meet your goals?