Blindspots to Developmental FocusWe know that the interrelationships of processes, people, and strategy within an organization are all important elements in determining overall success. The Springboard International team brings a variety of assessments to the table depending on what is best suited to meet our clients’ needs. Ultimately, the right assessment helps to diagnose critical challenges within an organization, sheds light on interpersonal relationships and communication styles, and can serve as a valuable input to team effectiveness, organizational effectiveness, and to support leadership and sales development programs and other training programs.

Ask us about our D.I.AL.O.G. (Data Indicating ALignment of Organizational Goals) organizational assessment, the DISC behavioral assessment, how you can use the Values assessment to create a dialog around shared beliefs and principles, and discovering team strengths and uniqueness using the Attribute Index.

Assessments typically compliment many of the Springboard client engagements, and create measurable results including:

  • Diagnosing organizational strengths and areas for potential development
  • Mapping organizational strengths and weaknesses in order to take action on exactly the right issues within an organization
  • Identifying individual behavioral dimensions that then can be leveraged to create high performing teams
  • Opening up communication and team effectiveness by focusing on each person’s unique decision-making style
  • Using group values dimensions to establish clear operating principles and “rules of engagement” for organizational teams

Are you ready to talk about how assessments can help you clarify the right issues and create effective teams?