Performance and Learning

Competency Modeling

Defining Common Behaviors for Success

As part of an organization-wide continuous improvement initiative at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the leadership team wanted to provide clear expectations around desired performance for the national office staff.

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Custom Learning Solutions

“[The Springboard facilitator provided] a very effective style of dynamic leadership … that stimulates discussion and keeps the agenda on track.”

- Susan Jurow, NACUBO’s Senior Vice President of Professional Development and Communications

“[Springboard International offers] a partner relationship versus a vendor relationship. [Their] level of attentiveness to client needs is higher than most – they have a clear dedication to the client and service. We now have a comprehensive and updated program that is integrated across three delivery types… When the products launch, we expect improved customer satisfaction, improved outcomes, and increased product sales and revenue.”

- Jennifer and Linda, project team leaders, ASTD CPLP project

Building an Effective Training Program for Critical Accounting Teams

This client approached Springboard in the summer of 2007 to assist the organization in developing a new training program for the accounting teams in athletic offices on college campuses.

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Designing Training Collaboratively

This national membership organization had a critical need to develop an effective training workshop to prepare its members for a new certification exam. The stakeholders included the staff, volunteers, and subject matter experts, each with different perspectives and priorities. First, we facilitated a kick-off…

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Talent Management Initiatives

“I consider the work we did with the Springboard team to develop our career planning initiative for our employees to be one of the big wins last year. It has been very well received.”

- Shelli Arnold, COO, Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC)

Engaging Employees in Career Planning and Development

After a rapid growth period, the leadership at GMAC wanted to evaluate their existing career paths, promotions, and development processes. The ultimate goal was to develop programs that would keep employees engaged and committed to their own careers and to the organization.

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