Organizational Effectiveness

Business Sustainability

“The session was interactive and helped underlie the problems within our organization. The session helped forge a path forward into being a more effective organization. It was good to hear that other colleagues were having similar issues and were interested in similar solutions.”

- Participant, workshop with sustainability committee chairs within an organization

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Process Improvement

“I will admit in the beginning of the week I was not confident that we were going to achieve our charge, and I truly experienced frustration. However, [the Springboard facilitators] remained open-minded and listened to our needs as a department. I was amazed at the collaboration and the final product.”

- Participant, process improvement team

A Process Improvement Case Study

This operational team had a new Vice President, and a charge to evaluate the internal operations of the department from “A to Z,” with a focus on improving communication, imbedding innovation within the department, improving efficiency, and driving toward cross-functional teams. The Review of Internal Systems and Efficiencies (RISE) team knew they needed to move quickly to evaluate their systems and create actionable recommendations for the new VP, but they also needed an outside facilitator who would serve as the catalyst toward action.

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Strategic Planning

“Thanks for your role in helping us develop a combined plan for our projects. Springboard is a delight to work with and we enjoy your no-nonsense approach that keeps us on track and on time.”

Jim Isch, COO, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

“Springboard’s work with our group was exceptional, particularly considering the situation in which we found ourselves. The facilitator was able to guide the group through the strategy development process during a time when the group members didn’t really have the time to do so, and where I don’t think more than 20% of the meetings (if that many) consisted of the entire group. She adapted processes and plans to meet the needs of the group and individual members. I would recommend Springboard to any organization facing a similar set of circumstances and would advocate to have our organization continue using the services.”

- Springboard strategic planning client

“Thanks so much for all the work you have done for our team. This last retreat went really well. The plan that you laid out was just what we needed. Everyone left the day feeling proud of their accomplishments and the discussion around what we want to do for next year was just awesome. We are working so much smarter and really accomplishing so much more since we started down this road a year and a half ago. I came into a situation here where folks were really not working well together. We still have some room to grow, but the work environment is much better. Thanks again!”

- Paul W. Stansbery, Director of Student Services, McLean High School


Building and Implementing an Integrated Five-Year Strategic Plan

The Lupus Foundation of America is an organization with over 20 chapters in their network; each chapter is an independent non-profit organization with their own governance and with often conflicting agendas to the national office. The Foundation came to us for help in developing a five-year strategic plan that would be integrated across the national office and all of the chapters.

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An Effective Team Leads to Departmental Success

The Springboard team works with several departments of Student Services within the local county school system. In this case study, we tell you the story of one group that was struggling with working together as a team and collaboratively planning for successful outcomes for their students and community.

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Customer Loyalty

“Great program! Really good tips and ideas; very helpful. Grateful and appreciative to have it.”

- Participant, Customer Loyalty program

Managing Time and Customers

An employee’s ability to manage their own time and priorities can have a huge impact on their interaction with customers. In this organization, challenges with time management and also the leadership group’s ability to keep their teams productive was having a direct affect on the customer service provided by the staff.

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