Leadership and Coaching

Building Leadership and Teams

“Thank you for yesterday’s retreat. What an awesome facilitator! Everyone participated, and I learned a lot from the small group as well as the entire conversation. Several meetings are “time wasters.” I would participate in yesterday’s activities all over again – my time was very well spent.”

– Meeting participant, local non-profit organization

“How incredible the retreat was [that Springboard facilitated for us]! I know this brief time away with our executive team is going to have great impact on the Foundation. We’re already working better together as a unit, but, the honeymoon isn’t over yet. It will be up to us to keep the good mojo going and really lead by example. I heard someone in the hall say they could tell the retreat went well, that there was a very positive vibe about us today. Thank you for all your work, for your patience with us, and for making this limited time together so very productive.”

- Angel Dean Collins, Director, National Park Foundation

Team Effectiveness and Managing Teams Through Change

An office on Capitol Hill had recently undergone a leadership transition. The team was struggling to work together, to communicate effectively, and to make progress against important new goals. Listen listen to this audio testimonial from the Deputy Director in that office.

Management Team Development Process

Each member of this management team reported to a Senior Vice President, and they were accustomed to being “doers” rather than “leaders.” Each manager was a long-standing employee and had been promoted from within to become a Director. They struggled with how to work together as a team and to empower their own direct reports as well.

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“I realized last week that I’m already starting to live my goals and this was a really exciting revelation for me. It proves the point that if you are talking about them you are starting to live them.“

– Springboard coaching client

How Coaching Led to a New Career

Listen listen to this audio clip from a mom describing her son’s experience with a Springboard coach. She describes his experience, the results and changes in him as a result, and his career changes because of the coaching.

Getting to the Next Level:  Coaching a Senior Leader

This senior leader in a large consulting firm has moved up the career ladder for over 20 years, and has a successful career in professional services.   With all of her success, she was looking for clarity, honest feedback about her strengths and her challenges, and a third party perspective to help her consider next steps, determine what changes she wanted to make, and establish a plan for her career going forward.  She also wanted to evaluate her outside-of-work activities and family commitments.  Listen to her story. listen

Organizational Coaching

“You did a great job of managing the various personalities and strengths of the group and keeping meetings productive.”

- Andrew Foose, CEO, Brightline Compliance

“The old adage that improving as a leader is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration is so true. I am a better leader now because I was invested in looking at how I operate and what I do every day. More importantly, though, I am a better leader because my Springboard coach challenged me to reflect on how I work, and to make changes – DO things differently. As a result of my hard work, my team tells me that I communicate better, that they are more challenged every day, and that I inspire them to do their best work.”

- Springboard coaching client

Sales Effectiveness

“I can’t thank you enough for all your help. It’s only been a few weeks but I feel like I am being pushed in the right direction and am thinking about how to sell again (which I have needed). Thank you!”

– Springboard coaching client

Developing an Effective Sales Team

Listen listen to this audio clip from an experienced sales manager, describing her experience with Springboard’s sales development and coaching for her sales team. This team reached 110% of their sales goals in that year.