Designing Training Collaboratively

Client Case Study: Designing Training Collaboratively

This national membership organization had a critical need to develop an effective training workshop to prepare its members for a new certification exam. The stakeholders included the staff, volunteers, and subject matter experts, each with different perspectives and priorities. First, we facilitated a kick-off call to gather the stakeholders and determine shared success metrics that met every stakeholder’s needs. Then, in a 2-day facilitated workshop, the stakeholders worked with us to determine the business objectives, the learning objectives, specific approaches to the individual knowledge nuggets, and the timing and relative priority of different components of the training. Throughout the facilitated process, we continually brought the team to consensus, articulated action items that needed future attention, and managed differences of opinion to drive toward the common objectives. As a result of this process and because of broad stakeholder involvement, the organization developed a new training program which was given the highest evaluations by its members.

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