Organizational Coaching: Our Approach

Organizations have learned that sharing one vision and one set of values across departments is critical to effective communication and productivity.  However, having this knowledge and actually achieving this task are often two different things. Even within the leadership of your organization it can be difficult to find clarity and consistency in how individuals work and how team activities align to the organization’s goals.

What is organizational coaching?  It is our approach to how your organization can provide individual coaching to key employees with a consistent framework; it is one-on-one coaching of individuals while recognizing the need for everyone to share the same language, provide consistent leadership development, and ensure growth that meets an individual’s needs.  It is a way to take advantage of our coaching approach for multiple individuals within the same organization.

Springboard International’s organizational coaching program allows your organization to provide your employees with the opportunity for both personal and professional growth.  We are strongly committed to the belief that developing the whole person makes them a more effective team member and a stronger leader. Our coaching approach is a guided process that instills best practices and leadership competencies along with a laser focus on taking action and getting to results.  As coaches, we serve as catalysts to developing high-performing, focused teams and individuals.

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Springboard International coaches use a three phase approach to coaching.  While every coaching engagement has its own pace, most individuals complete the phases in a 12 month period.

Phase One is an 8 to 10 session process conducted typically over the telephone for 1-2 hours per session. This phase is a guided process that includes reading and discussion of leadership best practices, and a workbook that drives reflection and action.  The materials provide a focus on the attitudes and habits of your leaders as well as developing key skills and setting the goals necessary to discover and plan for a leader’s ongoing success and achievement.  The leader being coached and the coach, working together, identify key strengths, weaknesses, and developmental needs, and put together a plan of action.

Springboard International brings a consistent methodology to coaching your critical employees. This approach focuses on changing behaviors, taking action, and building skills and knowledge. Your leaders grow individually but also learn a shared language and set of best practices around leadership.

Our partnership with your organization will develop and reinforce the communication skills of your leaders and enhance the direction and motivation of your key teams – and we will build a foundation for leadership across the organization.

At the end of Phase One, the leader has a clear set of goals and action steps and is already making progress and demonstrating enhanced performance.

Phase Two is a three to four session process conducted over the phone for 30-45 minutes per session.  This phase focuses on reinforcing the new skills, goals and confidence instilled in Phase One.  The critical path for Phase Two is to build momentum and support the leader’s progress toward weekly results.

Phase Three is ongoing coaching and accountability to results, customized to the leader’s needs.  The timing, duration, and focus of Phase Three will vary based on the needs of the leader.  Phase Three coaching will logically map out following Phases One and Two, and typically extends through the 12 month cycle.

The Springboard team includes a variety of experienced coaches that allows each individual to find the right fit, while creating a shared language and leadership competency across your organization.  We can also integrate individual coaching into leadership development, strategic planning, and process improvement needs within your organization.

Springboard offers discounted plans for organizational coaching with multiple participants.  We also offer a flexible monthly payment plan that allows your organization to budget for this critical investment over time.

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