Meeting Management Toolkit

Which of these situations have happened to you during your last meeting…

  • Did you walk out without a clear idea of what you were supposed to do?
  • Have you looked looked around a meeting and wondered why all of those people were invited?
  • Have you calculated how much money your “organization” is spending waiting for meetings to start?

As a result of engagements with a cross-section of employees and organizations, here is our Top 5 Tips to Running an Effective Meeting.

Tip #1:  Communicate the goal and the agenda for the meetingImage_CheckList

Tip #2:  Identify meeting participants

Tip #3:  Establish the ground rules for the meeting

Tip #4:  Use a Parking Lot

Tip #5:  Set clear action items

Bonus Tip:

Evaluate Your Meetings. Periodically, take time to review the regular meetings in your organization. Do they still have a clear purpose? Are they the right length? Are the right people attending? What needs to change in order to make the meeting more effective?

Icon_WebinarsWebinar: Effective Meeting Management

Icon_PowerPointTypes of Meetings Chart and Critical Checklist for Every Meeting

Icon_WorksheetWorkbook: Effective Meeting Management

test-bookRecommended Reading: Death by Meeting by Patrick Lencioni

What is your biggest meeting challenge? We want to hear from you. Write to us and share your stories and your ideas. And if you want to dive deeper into this topic – Contact us today to receive additional resources on meeting management.

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