Building Highly Effective Teams Toolkit

Creating a winning team begins with creating a culture in which people are encouraged to challenge, to question, to try, and to innovate. Surround yourself with and create teams of the best people the organization has to offer. Don’t limit yourself by focusing only on people with seniority or rank. Bring people into a team as they are needed based upon their expertise or abilities.

The ideal team will include four types of thinkers so you get a blend of perspectives. This will go a long way toward preventing “group think” from taking over and delivering a product that is fundamentally flawed.

  • Short term efficiency (doing things right)
  • Short term effectiveness (doing the right thing)
  • Long term efficiency
  • Long term effectiveness

Create a culture where people are encouraged to be their best and perform their best. As the goals or projects dictate, you may want to involve multiple constituents in different aspects of the project as needed. Furthermore, it may not always be necessary to involve everyone from the beginning to end. Always be sure however, that the goals and objectives are specific and that they are aligned with the vision, values, and strategies of the organization as defined by the strategic plan.

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