Building and Implementing an Integrated Five-Year Strategic Plan

Client Case Study: The Lupus Foundation of America: Building and Implementing an Integrated Five-Year Strategic Plan

The Lupus Foundation of America approached the Springboard team for help in developing an integrated strategic plan. The Foundation has over 20 chapters in its network; each of those chapters is an independent non-profit organization with their own governance and with often conflicting agendas to the national office. We worked over a 12-month period to identify critical strategic areas of focus for the Foundation, to build consensus across the organization for the new five-year plan, and to establish specific annual goals and tactics.

Throughout the planning process, we worked with the national office management team, the national Board, chapter CEOs, and the national office staff. Along with the new plan, the organization also has a new scorecard to track their progress against the plan and to report to the Board and other stakeholders. The new strategic plan has wide-spread adoption and has created momentum for the Foundation to focus on critical new strategic outcomes for the organization. Click here to view a presentation delivered to the chapter CEOs as a part of the new strategic plan launch.

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