NCAA: Fellows Leadership Development Program Design

This existing program to create promotion opportunities for women and people of color involved in athletics administration needed a facelift. The program had experienced moderate success, but the NCAA team responsible for the program wanted to analyze the current state, determine gaps or areas for improvement, and then re-design the program to meet specific outcomes and to increase the number of women and minorities promoted to Athletic Directors and other athletics administration positions. The Springboard team first conducted an extensive series of focus groups and interviews with a wide variety of stakeholders, and also reviewed existing Fellows materials. The Springboard team then worked collaboratively with a small group of both internal NCAA staff and external member representatives to determine changes to the program and to incorporate new topics and instructional approaches that would ensure that Fellows met its diversity goals. The final deliverable for this project was a comprehensive program design document that restructured the existing program, aligned the program content to specific learning objectives, and mapped the program content to a shortened, more interactive, and more efficient calendar for participants. This program was then successfully re-launched.