Brightline Compliance: Evaluation and Training Program for Merging Sales Teams

This privately-held eLearning company provides critical compliance training programs around health and safety and governmental regulations, including OSHA and HR regulations training. It was merging with another, larger company, and both sales teams needed to be re-trained to cross-sell products and services and work collaboratively across both organizations’ client base. We were asked to work with the sales leadership to quickly develop a one-time immersive training program to evaluate the proficiency of each salesperson. As a part of this project, we developed role-play scenarios, a scoring rubric to evaluate proficiency, a process/procedure for how the training would be implemented, and a timeline to run every sales person through the training within 60 days. The CEO of Brightline commented, “You did a great job of managing the various personalities and strengths of the group and keeping meetings productive.”